Aiways Presents the U6ion Concept

The Aiways U6ion has been designed by Ken Okuyama, creator of the mythical Ferrari Enzo, and has made its concept debut online this week.

The vehicle provides a more aggressive front with specific optics, heel pads, a pronounced fall from the ceiling culminated with a spoiler, a diffuser, etc. Also, the prototype sports a striking orange color that further accentuates its sporting character.

Inside we find two screens: one of 7 inches as instrumentation and another touch of 14.6 inches in a horizontal format. On the latter is a small robot with vocal recognition, thanks to which we can activate various functions of the vehicle merely using our voice. There is also a charger for smartphones by induction, a space between the rear seats to store a drone, and a double bottom in the trunk for an electric scooter. The orange details of the upholstery match the exterior, while the straps by way of door handles provide a differential touch.

The great assets of the Aiways U5 will be its price (from 39.999,00 dollars), its size (it will measure 4.68 meters long so that it will belong to the D-SUV category), and its autonomy (it will be available in two versions: one with a 63 kWh battery capable of reaching 370 km WLTP of autonomy, and another of 83 kWh with which it will reach 460 km WLTP). Your engine will have 191 hp (140 kW), 315 Nm of torque, and can be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes connected to a fast-charging DC outlet.

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