New Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3

Tesla’s enthusiasts shared in a video the new wall connector, which is a beautiful piece with a tempered glass faceplate. This charger is smaller, slimmer and more compact than the previous, allowing some versatile indoor charging. The cable is 18 feet long with the same diameter as the old one.

A Tesla’s owner says: “It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s beautiful. It sells for $500, which I think is a really good deal. Actually, it’s a fantastic deal. As far as EVSEs, electric supply vehicle equipment, is concerned, buying anything else from another manufacturer […] it’s still cheaper than the competition.”

This charger promises a full charge overnight, for example, charging a model # up to 90 percent in 2 hours and 25 minutes. It takes only one hour to power up the charger’s daily commute. One of the new owners said: “I had to have my laundry room door open while charging, and I was only getting 22 to 23 miles per hour of range. So now my daily commute, I can pretty much charge up in one hour, which is awesome.”

The charger also comes with wi-fi connectivity, allows over the air software and firmware updates, syncing with mobile devices, and allows users to monitor the charging.

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