Canada Court Fines Volkswagen $150m as Tesla Grows

A Toronto court fined Volkswagen 196.5 million Canadian dollars ($150 million) on Wednesday (23) after the group admitted it sold cars that simulated low pollutant emissions. The money paid “will be used to finance projects in favor of the environment” in Canada, the German company said in a statement released today. It concluded that an agreement “that ends all charges” against the company was reached.

The Volkswagen Group was denounced for importing cars with a device that simulated emissions of harmful gases within environmental standards. According to Canadian authorities, between 2008 and 2015, VW brought about 128 thousand cars to the country that did not respect the limits of pollutant gas emissions. The group was also denounced for delivering “false information” to the authorities.

Back in the U.S., Tesla surpasses Volkswagen as the second-largest company in the automotive sector. The American manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla, exceeded for the first time this Wednesday the 100,000 million dollars in stock market value, above the German Volkswagen and touching the Japanese Toyota, the giant transmitter of the sector on the planet.

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