Maserati Starts Tests With its New Electric Powertrain

Maserati is one of the crown jewels of the FCA group (FIAT-Chrysler). The great Italian brand, known for its sporty and luxurious cars, will undergo a profound transformation in the coming years to adapt to the new reality of the market and be competitive in the face of rivals such as Porsche or Tesla, among others. Thus, by 2023 the Maserati range will be fully electrified, with an offer of seven 100% electric models.

All the new electric vehicles from the automaker will use the conveniently adapted Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform, adding an e-AWD system (three electric motors, all-wheel drive, and torque vectorization) and 800-volt batteries.

According to Maserati, this powertrain will allow great powers, wide autonomies, fast loads, reduced weight, and proper use of the interior space.

The testing phase of Maserati´s powertrain started using its new full electric propulsion, including the unique signature sound, which will characterize the electric engine.

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