Renault Confirms Twingo Z.E. For 2020

After the leak of a calendar showing the future of Renault, the carmaker officially announced the release of one of the models planned, Twingo.

The car was, at that point, speculated to come out in 2022, but the French carmaker surprised the customers when revealing the EV will come out next year.

Ali Kassaï Koupaï, the EVP Product Planning and Programs at Renault, stated:
“We originally planned to launch an electric Twingo at the beginning, and then we saw that there were no [charging] stations, so we slowed down. And then we had Zoe, and we had ambitious plans for that. (…) An electric Twingo will finally arrive next year.”

This new model of EV is very similar to a previous car by Renault, the ZOE. It will have the same purposes as the ZOE, which means it turned to more of a city-car.

Here is the calendar:

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