VW Thinks EVs Give The Brand an Opportunity For a New ‘Magic Moment’

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Following the debut of the Atlas Cross Sport SUV at Volkswagen’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last week, Volkswagen USA CEO Scott Keogh sat down with Roadshow to talk about a number of topics, ranging from the brand’s new SUVs to Johan de Nysschen’s new role at the company. But what we found most interesting — and most promising — were Keogh’s comments on VW’s impending electric-car offensive. 

“VW had a magic moment in the 1960s when we provided transportation for the millions,” Keogh said in reference to the Beetle‘s explosion of popularity. “It was a cool car that was different and caught the zeitgeist. It moved America.” He’s hoping VW can capture that zeitgeist again. “I think we have the opportunity to be the brand that has a cool car with a cool price that brings electric cars to a broader market. Do I think there is a market there [in the US]? I do.” 

Read the full article on: cnet.com

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