VolksWagen and Ford Are Close to a Deal on Electric Cars

Two of the most influential companies in the car industry, Ford and VW are working together on a partnership related to electric and self-driving cars.

After Volkswagen left the partnership with Aurora, it is expected that the German company will work with Ford’s Argo, the self- driving unit.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Diess said the talks with Ford were close to the finish.

Also, a very strategic marketing move from VW on working with Ford is to reach the North American market. According to the CEO from Volks, Herbert Diess:
“Without a strong presence in the U.S. (…) risk putting us in a dire situation.”
It is known that the company is stable in China, but maybe with the presence in the U.S., it will be better for business.

It clear now that an alliance of the big two carmakers can boost the business of EVs and Autonomous driving cars, bringing high expectations for a close future.

Not much more information was revealed, but the good news needs to stay in mind so that we can keep track of the partnership and be aware of any revelations soon.

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