Delivering 1,000 Cars a Day, Tesla Wants to Break a Record

Aiming for better numbers in deliveries, Tesla has the North America market to support the sales by the end of June, even though they are selling around 1,000 cars a day, according to Electrek.

To boost even more the sales even more, Tesla has been offering incentives to their employees so that they can reach between 33,00 and 36,000 EVs by the end of the month.

Another great incentive made by the U.S. government is the Federal Tax Credit up to $3750 that it will end by July 1st., dropping the value in half.

Musk’s company has been investing in the propaganda to attract costumers so that by the end of the quarter they can beat the 90,700 sold in 2018.

Only time can say if the EV company will overcome their record, but for sure it seems attractive to purchase one before the end of June. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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