Why You Should Keep an Eye on Tesla´s Pickup Truck

Expected to be produced in the next 4 years, the Pickup Truck tends to be not like a regular truck. In the words of Elon Musk: ” It’s going to look pretty sci-fi. ”

But the design is not the only surprise and refreshing aspect of the vehicle. According to Elon, the main idea of the car is to be affordable. He said that it will be reaching, at the maximum price, $49,000.

Designer: Emre Husmen

Comparing the model with already existing ones, like the Ford F-150, Musk has the ambition to make the truck more functional than the traditional ones and also “be a better sports car.” And comparing the idea with Pickup Trucks from the market, with cost range around $30,000. Seems like a good idea to save money and wait for this project by the revolutionary 47-year old, that has been changing the world in these past few years.


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