Tesla Just Got its Model 3 a Wireless Phone Charger

The new feature on the Electric Car was announced for Qi-enabled phones at the price of 125 dollars.

Tesla is entering the market of wireless chargers for phones. The new charger is compatible with the QI wireless charging protocol. There are some similar products on the market already, but this one is the first Tesla branded. The product will work at Tesla’s Model 3, and according to the website:

“Stay charged with the Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger designed exclusively by Tesla. Featuring a non-slip, silicone surface with easy installation and enough power to charge two phones at once, the Wireless Phone Charger is perfect for any sized device. Simply drop your Qi-enabled smartphone on the center console’s phone tray for a quick and secure charge without cables.”

For the price and the late arrival at the wireless charger market, maybe it’s better to wait for some positive reviews before pulling the trigger on this accessory.

This new charger is compatible with most wireless charging phones. If your device supports QI charging, you are good to go.

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