Tesla Roadster 2020: The Best Is Yet To Come

A tremendous success by the end of 2017, Tesla Roadster proved why Elon Musk´s company is literally representing the future of the automobile industry.

With outstanding numbers, such as reaching 60mph in only 1.9 seconds and its top speed being 250mph, the new Tesla will be launched next year, 2020. And despite the fact of being highly expected by the community, Elon Musk stated last Sunday (2), on Ride the Lighting podcast that the car is more like a “dessert” on the list of priorities, meaning that it has not been the company preference on manufacturing it right now, but it will be ready by the time it has been promised. Along with that, the founder of Tesla Motors announced that yearly production might be limited. “Not more than 10,000 probably” he said.

The Roadster 2020 will get to the market facing several different sports car based on the conventional way of fueling, gasoline, but it already shows its power by the mile range around 620 miles with only one charge.

The price will differ between $200,000 and $250,000, depending on which type of purchase you will want. With a reserve base value of 50,000 dollars, you can pay the higher price on the “Founders Series Price” (with only 1,000 available reservations by now) which will bring something fun to the customer that buys it. It is still unknown what the surprise is, but the speculation goes around the SpaceX project.


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