Toyota Claims To have The Most Advanced Battery Yet In The Works

Today one of the greatest bottlenecks of technology is the battery. It’s been years without any breakthrough in this industry. Even so, Lithium-ion batteries now are everywhere, in our phones, cars, watches and even in our sunglasses (Like the Snapchat’s Spectacles). In those categories, I see the car as the most important one, that’s because you can charge your phone everywhere and even buy external batteries, you can “survive” without a watch and sunglasses. But if your car runs out of juice, you can find yourself stranded somewhere far away from home.

Toyota says that it found a new key solution that will increase the range of your car in 15%. That could add another 45 miles to your car autonomy. The manufacturer said its going to take a few years before deployment tough. “Lithium-ion battery is a key technology for electrifying cars, and there is a clear need, going forward, for improving this technology and its performance even more,” Hisao Yamashige, a battery researcher at Toyota states. He also said that some technical are being developed in collaboration with four universities in Japan.

The key of this new tech is to see in “real time” how lithium ions move inside the electrodes. This way, you can design batteries that prevent lithium ions from moving freely and bunching up in the electrodes. This is something that occurs today and limits the battery life, the range of the car and can cause overheating. Yamashige. said

Toyota today, is the automaker that most produce cars in the world. It was one of the first to use hybrid technology on its cars with the Prius and have plans to come with all electric cars 2020.

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