The All-Electric Maserati Is Going To Be Gorgeous

A couple of months a go, Sergio Marchionne, head of engineering for the Italian brand Maserati, said he will bring an all-electric car to the market until 2020. Now it’s confirmed. The beautiful 2014 Alfieri concept will serve as a base for this project.

The news was served by the just-auto publication. Peter Denton, General Manager at Maserati North Europe was the one who released the information. “Alfieri will be bigger than Boxster and Cayman. It is being designed as a competitor to the (Porsche) 911, but it will be a larger car. More the size of a Jaguar F-TYPE.” According to Denton, the new all electric Alfieri will come after a 2019 model with internal combustion.

Here are some pictures of the concept.


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