NIO EP9 Is NextEV Super Car and It Is Gorgeous

Tim, from the Shmee150 Youtube Channel, had the first look at the NIO EP9, the brand new super car from the Chinese NextEV. A part from the car design, which is absolutely amazing, the power under the hood is quite impressive. It has 1,360hp or 1 megawatt of power. That mean that it can reach speeds over 185mph. To give some perspective, Tesla Model S P100D has 760hp, that’s a little over half than th NIO EP9.

Well, we need to be perfect honest and realize that the NextEV’s new car is not in mass production yet. And we don’t know if it is ever. So, comparing it with a Tesla is not that fair. However, we can have a glimpse of what the future has been awaiting for us.

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