Mercedes-Benz Launches a New Preview of the EQS

With just a month to go before its launch, Mercedes-Benz has launched a new preview of the vehicle showing us its sideline, which surprises with its avant-garde design. The proportions of the EQS are undoubtedly those of an electric car, with a very short hood, short overhangs, and a long wheelbase.

The windshield is also very forward and sloping, which will give it a quite different look than a more traditional cut sedan. Something similar happens at the rear, with a marked drop in the roof that, saving the distances, is more reminiscent of “coupe” sedans like the CLS than an S-Class, which sports three perfectly defined volumes.

Everything seems to indicate that the aerodynamics of the EQS will be very careful, something that will improve its efficiency. Mercedes-Benz already confirmed that thanks to using a battery pack with a capacity of more than 100 kWh, the range of the model will be greater than 435 miles.

One point that remains a mystery is its charging system because, during its development, Mercedes-Benz considered equipping it with an 800-volt electrical system, which on paper should allow it to access very high charging powers in direct current. However, the firm did not specify whether this technology will finally be available in the production model or not.

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