Why Does Tesla Want to Upload Customer Profiles to the Cloud?

Tesla is preparing its system in the cloud to move the entire database of its customers and driving profile preferences, etc., as a step before the launch of the new Tesla Network. A network designed for the future of robotaxis and its new service ride-hailing.

Currently, the profiles of the automaker’s customers are linked to access key fobs, which can be a remote control, access cards, or the mobile devices of each owner.

Tesla’s so-called “access keys” are nothing more than profiles associated with one of the three previous instruments, which allows you to unlock any model in its S3XY range and start using it.

The data collected is part of the driver’s profile where the seat’s position, adjustment of the rearview mirrors, musical preferences, playlists, and other details define the likes of a driver when using their electric car are defined.

Hacker Green explains it perfectly: “Tesla is preparing to move the profile elements to the cloud so that when you get into any Tesla car, your profile will migrate with you (depending on your phone app, I imagine) – this includes games and other application settings and the like in particular.”

This technology can be useful both for an Uber-type service like the one Tesla has in mind and for the robotaxis network that will allow each owner to share their electric car.

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