Tesla Powerwall Proves to be Extremely Useful in Texas Blackouts

In the face of the current Texas blackouts following a snowstorm of epic proportions, home batteries are saving lives combined with home solar systems.

Tesla powerwall texas

Some people have been using Tesla Powerwall to keep power in their homes since arctic storms in parts of the US have led to massive power outages.

The major problem encountered by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is that most of the energy capacity comes from thermal sources (coal and natural gas). This brings up a top priority issue, as people are staying at home without power in low temperatures during the freezing winter.

The people who own Tesla’s Powerwall are extremely grateful and do not know how it would be possible to live without it right now. Those who do not yet have this type of system are looking for alternatives but availability is limited. Tesla said he was going to increase production but still fears it will not meet demand.

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