Tesla Turns to TikTok? Is This Real Life?

We still won’t see cars dancing the TikTok challenges, but Tesla’s new software has brought integration with the most famous app, especially among children and teenagers in the world, luckily for many parents.

For now the integration with TikTok has only been released in China to celebrate the New Year of the Ox holiday (translated from Chinese):

“’New Year of the Ox‘ OTA air upgrade brings a different entertainment experience in the New Year [cool] Douyin (TikTok) officially landed on Tesla vehicles, QQ music lyrics display function, voice recognition function optimization… There are more surprises waiting for you to discover New year, something different. ”

Minor improvements have been made to the QQ Music app, which is like a Spotify in the USA. In addition, further improvements have been made to voice commands. Now you just have to wait your turn to receive the update!

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