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NIO and Xpeng Start 2021 Right with Production Record Highs

The new Chinese manufacturers who have bet everything on the electric car continue to grow in production and sales in an unstoppable way. This is the case of NIO and Xpeng, which have reported the sales data for January, where their figures for the same period last year have increased by 353 and 470%, respectively.

Without a doubt, we are still talking about small numbers in terms of volume. But the increase is so fast that these two small brands will soon achieve more than many figures even within the large markets, such as China.

If we compare them with the sales of the large groups, it’s not so big. Not even with the best-selling electric cars in China, like the Tesla Model 3, it managed to reach 23,800 units in December.

But the important thing is the growth rate that these two Chinese brands, NIO and Xpeng, are achieving, with a range that between the two barely reaches five models, if they remain, it will allow them to be in the leading group in a few months, and within the greats in a few years of continuing with its current march.

In the case of NIO, in January, they delivered a total of 7,225 units. Something that represents a year-on-year increase of 352.1%, setting a new record for the brand’s monthly deliveries for the sixth consecutive month.

By models, most of the deliveries have starred in the latest version to reach the market. The EC6, the coupe version that has delivered 2,845 units in December, was followed by the ES6, with 2,720 units, and the last of the models, the largest ES8, with 1,660 units.

Sales have legally distributed that benefit from NIO’s policy of offering the possibility of updating the battery of any model with the new packs, such as the 100 kWh one. Something that has not caused a stampede of customers to the new proposals.

For its part, Xpeng has confirmed that it has exceeded 6 thousand deliveries in a single month for the first time. The total volume of delivery in January was 6,015 units, representing a year-on-year increase of no less than 470%. Something that indicates that in just 12 months, the Chinese brand has managed to quadruple its sales.

Regarding the distribution of sales, Xpeng only has two models, the most popular being the P7 saloon, with 3,710 units, while the compact SUV G3 has achieved 2,305 units in January. A model that has been on the market for a little over a year has achieved an increase of 118% compared to 2020.

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