Tesla To Release v8.0 Software

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, in a tweet to a follower said that the automaker will have a wide release of it’s v8.0 software update on Wednesday September 21, “if no last minute issues are discovered”.   The company had a total of 4 external beta builds and it seems like they’re finally ready for a wide release.  

Tesla’s 8.0 software update is the biggest user interface change since the launch of the Model S.  A lot of the changes are to make visualizing the Autopilot more user friendly so you feel safer and are more aware of what the car is doing (thinking) while on AP.  All cars made from end of 2014 to present, will receive all AP related updates. The new Auto Pilot 2.0 is going to make use of the radars (which is not available to cars made before Q4 of 2014). This radar sensors will allow for a more accurate visualization of the surroundings, even when the camera is having trouble to see the road and obstacles ahead. That was the case in the fatal car crash, that I’m sure everyone already knows about thanks to the endless amount of articles that have covered the incident non stop.  

The v8.0 software will also include better navigation, improved voice command and a totally revamped media interface. The software update will even improved the braking system.  Once you receive the update you will feel a noticeable intensity of deceleration when you brake, which will improve the amount of energy saved during the regenerative process. Pretty smart, I must say.


While a lot is already known about the v8.0 software update, there can be some surprises in the wider release.  In any case, we will hopefully find out on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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