Porsche Delivers 4,480 Taycan Units in 2020

The German manufacturer Porsche has published sales data for the first half of this 2020. An exercise conditioned by the coronavirus crisis that has had a strong effect on the automotive industry, and which for Porsche has meant a 12% decrease in deliveries. But within the bad news, the good progress of the Taycan must be highlighted. The first electric car of those in Stuttgart that has managed to close a very interesting first half.

According to the manufacturer, in the first six months, the Taycan has managed to deliver 4,480 units. A striking figure in the positive by factors such as the market break due to the coronavirus has caused the closure of many industries such as car factories and dealers.

It is also notable why until March, the offer was made up only of the most expensive version, the Turbo and Turbo S, with the most available 4S arriving coinciding with the outbreak of the health crisis. Add that the new access version, dubbed Taycan, has been launched so far only in China a few weeks ago, which will expand the offer further.

On the other hand, this figure collides with the statements of last year, when the German manufacturer indicated it had 30,000 reservations and 10,000 firm orders. Something that shows that production capacity is not up to a demand that seems to far exceed the factory’s pace that shapes the electric saloon.

A capacity that was said to reach 40,000 units, almost half of what was delivered last year by its most popular model, the Macan, and which at the moment seems very distant.

Something that possibly has its origin both in the paralysis of the lines during the harshest months of the pandemic, as well as quite possibly due to a supply of batteries that seems might not be enough to meet the strong demand for this model that this year should be around the 10,000 deliveries, waiting to know the demand that may come from China where the German manufacturer has high hopes for its Taycan.

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