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Hyundai to Recall Over 25,000 Kona EVs

According to new reports, Hyundai will voluntarily recall its Kona electric vehicles due to a possible short circuit caused by faulty manufacturing of its high-voltage battery cells. An error that according to South Korea’s transport ministry could be a potential fire risk. So far 13 incidents involving fires and the Kona EV have been reported.

The recall will include software updates as well as battery replacements following an inspection will begin on October 16. According to the transport ministry, 25,564 Hyundai Konas that were built between September 2017 and March 2020 will be involved in the recall.

The company commented regarding the recall saying it “is a proactive response to a suspected defective production of high-voltage batteries used in the vehicles, which may have contributed to the reported fires.” Hyundai also stated it will deploy all necessary measures to identify and address the cause of the fires.

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