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The Lucid Air will Recover 20 miles of Autonomy Per Minute Charging at 300 kW

On September 9, Lucid will present the Air, its first model. However, in the weeks leading up to its unveiling, the American brand has gradually unraveled various technical details of the vehicle, from its advanced aerodynamics and sophisticated autonomous driving system to its astonishing 517 miles EPA range.

Now it is the charging system’s turn: according to Lucid, his model will be capable of charging at a maximum power of 300 kW in direct current. It will reach 19.2 kW in alternating current and will have bi-directional charging, an exciting feature that very few electric cars currently offer.

The Lucid Air will access such high charging powers thanks to its electrical system of more than 900 volts. Charging at 300 kW, the model will regain 20 miles (EPA) of autonomy per minute. His take will be CCS Combo, at least in the United States. At 19.2 kW of power, it will recover 80 miles (EPA) for each hour of charging.

Bidirectional V2X (Vehicle to Everything) charging will allow both V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) functions. In other words, the Lucid Air will be able to pour electricity into the electricity grid during times of peak demand, acting as a household battery and transferring energy to other electric cars directly as a kind of portable charger.

Thanks to its partnership with Electrify America, Lucid Air owners will enjoy three years of free charging on the extensive US network. Along with the vehicle, Lucid will sell a smart home charging point, precisely allowing the aforementioned bidirectional charging. According to the company:

“Charging at home is one of the key benefits of having an electric vehicle. In addition to the standard mobile charging cable that comes with every Lucid vehicle, we have also developed the Lucid Connected Home Charging Point, one of the first bi-directional charging AC charging stations ever offered. Owners will be able to enjoy a more cost-effective charging method and use their Lucid Air as a temporary power reserve to power their homes, including off-grid vacation properties.”

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