Lucid to Introduce an Electric SUV Just as Efficient as the Air

Lucid is testing an electric SUV based on the Air platform. According to CEO Peter Rawlinson, the brand already has a functional prototype of the model, which will be just as efficient as its sedan brother.

Rawlinson, who once worked for Jaguar, Lotus, and even Tesla, says Lucid has numerous models and platforms under development as part of its strategic plan for the next ten years. The executive would like Lucid to reach an annual production rate of 1 million electric cars by 2027, a genuinely high and ambitious number.

Lucid’s SUV can be seen for the first time on September 9, during the official presentation of the Air in its production version. This strategy is strongly reminiscent of Tesla’s, which, on numerous occasions, has taken advantage of the introduction of a new model (Semi, Cybertruck) to surprise another one (Roadster, Cyberquad).

During the Air presentation, Lucid is expected to give new details of its advanced 900-volt electrical system, which will allow the model to charge 300 kW of power in direct current (also, it will have a bi-directional charger, a technology still little explored by manufacturers but with enormous potential for the future).

Check out this video by Road Show

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