Audi A9 e-Tron to be Launched in 2024

In 2024 Audi will launch the A9 e-Tron, a 100% electric representation sedan developed by its new internal division Artemis. This model will take its starting point, the Aicon Concept prototype, first shown in 2017 during the Frankfurt Motor Show, making it the most advanced electric car in the Volkswagen Group.

This sedan of the F segment will be a rival among the BMW i7, Mercedes-Benz EQS, and Jaguar XJ. Internally known by the code name E6, the A9 e-Tron is currently in the early stages. However, it has been confirmed that it will incorporate the latest advances in batteries (probably the first Volkswagen model having solid electrolyte) and autonomous driving (it will benefit from technology from Argo AI, Ford’s autonomous driving company).

There will also be no shortage of 5G connectivity features, augmented reality, and OTA updates. At an aesthetic level, the vehicle is expected to be a saloon with a sporty character and a design similar to the A7 Sportback and e-Tron GT. However, thanks to the use of the PPE modular platform, it will enjoy an interior space similar to that of the current A8. Internal sources from Audi itself have confirmed the A9 e-Tron designation.

The aim of the Artemis division, one of the core projects of the new Audi president, Markus Duesmann, is to ensure that the German brand regains its reputation for technical leadership. Thus, Artemis will work with the Audi development department and the rest of the Volkswagen Group engineers and software experts, creating cutting-edge technologies faster and without bureaucracy.

Artemis will try to emulate the agility and speed of reaction of new startups in the automotive sector, enjoying an enormous degree of freedom within the multinational. This division will also strengthen ties with Porsche, a brand with which Audi will cooperate intensively in platforms such as the PPE above, created for high-end electric cars.

In addition to developing the A9 e-Tron, Artemis will be responsible for introducing the latest technologies to the four rings’ signature, which will allow the brand to remain competitive against young rivals such as Tesla and NIO. Other models Artemis is currently working on are the production versions of the AI: ME, AI: RACE, and AI: TRAIL prototypes.

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