Will the Mercedes-Benz EQS House CATL’s 2 Million Km Battery?

CATL has officially confirmed that it will source the cells for the new Mercedes-Benz EQS. It was already breaking news when Daimler said the future electric luxury sedan would have a range of over 400 miles, but now CATL has confirmed that claim.

As The Next Avenue reported in June, CATL announced it had developed a 2 million km battery that can withstand unto 16 years of life without too much degradation. Along with these impressive numbers comes a higher price tag which makes the idea of putting it in a high-end car a now brainer.

Although the joint press release did not clarify if CATL’s 2 million km battery would be utilized in the EQS we do know that Mercedes-Benz will use the Cell-To-Pack (CTP) technology from CATL. This will result in the battery pack weighing significantly less than that of conventional packs.

The EQS cells will be produced at CATL’s new factory in Thuringia, Germany. During the joint press release Daimler made it clear that CATL will be its top battery supplier for the foreseeable future. Daimler also seemed to suggest investing in battery development with CATL but no specifics were given.

In hopes to eliminate carbon emissions from its brand, the batteries will be carbon-neutral, relying on electricity generated by renewable means, lining up perfectly with Daimler’s Ambition2039 plan.

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