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The Great Importance of Tesla’s “Million-Mile” Batteries, A System that Could Last Decades

Tesla is doing with a new type of battery, chemistry that seeks to reduce costs, and above all, lengthen their useful life. Something that may result in the “million-mile battery,” and will serve as a real icebreaker for many who still believe that batteries need to be changed every few years.

According to a report presented by Wedbush Securities analysts, the new Tesla battery could revolutionize the electric car market again, just as the Model S and then the Model 3 did at the time. It is a very advanced technology that could last for decades, in addition to resisting all kinds of weather conditions, which will become another significant milestone for the Tesla ecosystem.

“In theory, this battery will support an electric vehicle for ‘a million miles,’ and they indicate that it will be a great step forward to compete with vehicles with an internal combustion engine.”

It won’t just be a tough battery. They also hope that it will be the one that finally manages to drop below $100 per kWh in a pack. Something that will bring the cost of production of the vehicles to the height of the models with a combustion engine. With cheaper batteries, the manufacturer will be able to install packs of higher capacity that also come close to the numbers in terms of diesel and gasoline autonomy.

Undoubtedly the most exciting section is that analysts indicate that this technology is already in an advanced phase of development, and its commercial launch would start in 2021. Something that would give Tesla a significant competitive advantage over other groups, such as General Motors, which also works on its million-mile battery, but will take at least two to three more years than Tesla to hit the market.

The result will undoubtedly be a fatal blow to the car with a combustion engine, which is a few months will see new batteries from different manufacturers arrive on the market. This will increase their energy density, boost their useful life, and all with a reduction in price thanks to factors such as increased production capacity and the elimination or reduction of components such as cobalt.

It will also probably serve to open many minds that still have misgivings about electric cars, and who will see how new news arrives every day of “batteries that will last for decades.”

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