What Did Elon Musk Mean by ‘There’s A Lot To See’ At Battery Day?

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Cybertruck was the last Tesla vehicle to be unveiled for a while and with that behind us, the next major event is Battery Day. These kinds of large-scale events, really became a focus, after Autonomy Day last April, where Tesla detailed to investors (and the world) just how far advanced the company was. in its efforts to create the first self-driving production car. 

That sets the stage for another similar scale of announcements that will help investors understand the progress the company has made regarding battery chemistry and battery control modules, which will power the next decade of their business. 

Before Covid-19 arrived, we expected Battery Day to be in the first few months of 2020, however that has now been delayed. Obviously, the Tesla community is really keen to get a revised timeline, so Elon was recently asked on Twitter.

While we don’t have an exact date yet, this response raises a series of questions. That cryptic response of “there’s a lot to see” doesn’t immediately make sense. Batteries are sealed units and the 2170 battery cell in Model 3 and Model Y today, looks like an oversized, uninteresting AA battery. 

When the cells are combined into the battery pack that forms the bottom of the car, it’s external packaging again makes it fairly uninteresting to look at and something that could easily be explained during a streaming presentation online. 

So, what about this rumoured advancement in chemistry that could unlock longer range, longer life or even deliver cheaper batteries? Those advancements are each significant, however, they too could be detailed using a presentation, as we’ve seen in the past, Tesla is great at detailing even advanced concepts like AI training, through PowerPoint slides and short videos. 

So why then would Elon suggest so strongly that it has to be an in-person event? 

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