2 Billion Miles Driven by Tesla’s AutoPilot

Tesla’s AutoPilot has reached its billionth mile in the real world. The electric carmaker’s fleet has traveled more than a billion miles, providing its database with more than 2 billion miles of valuable data.

Elon Musk approved the estimated mileage achieved, but we have to consider that this number may not have been reached yet. Either way, this goal is an achievement for the company. It took four years to reach the first billion miles in the real world with AutoPilot, and now the second billion has been made in less than one year.

AutoPilot data in the real world is of great importance for Tesla to ensure an autonomous future where vehicles can navigate on their own without any human input. Tesla’s neural network is already being trained and will be delivered throughout its fleet.

Tesla will soon deliver Model 3 globally with its new factory in China. Model Y is not yet available, but it is the most ambitious vehicle for the company, as CEO Elon Musk expects this car to seel more than the Model S, Model X and Model 3 combined.


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