GAC AION V: Chinese Electric SUV with 5G and 372 Miles of Autonomy

The Chinese brand GAC has just launched its third electric model, the AION V. This five-seater SUV has a starting price of just over 21,000 dollars to change after the corresponding aid from the Chinese government and promises a wide range of up to 13 versions. Its first deliveries will take place throughout July.

The model boasts the “Mecha Beast” design language, characterized by split optics and a fairing grille. The rear door handles are camouflaged, while the floating roof follows the prevailing fashion in the sector. With all these changes, the vehicle marks distances with the superior AION LX.

Inside the AION V, however, is almost identical to its older brother. The interior stands out for the presence of a significant tablet on the dashboard formed by two displays linked under the same frame, which perform the instrumentation and touch screen for the infotainment system, respectively.

Other interesting aspects are the large center console. It is somewhat reminiscent of SUVs of North American origin, as well as the smooth curved lines present throughout the cabin, following the brand’s typical design. Being a model developed from scratch as an electric car, the platform (made entirely of aluminum) allows to improve the habitability of the interior.

The GAC AION V uses a 184 hp (135 kW) electric motor with a torque of 350 Nm. It will also be available with four levels of autonomy: 248 miles, 310 miles, 329 miles, and 372 miles. Top-of-the-range versions will have a heat pump for heating.

As for the chassis, the model will feature a front MacPherson and rear multi-link scheme, a reasonably typical configuration in its segment. However, the most exciting thing about the vehicle is that it will be the first car in the world with a 5G connection. It will also have an ADiGO 3.0 autonomous driving system.

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