Renault Zoe GT Line Review: Electric Vehicle Perfect For Essential Journeys

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There’s only one essential journey that I have to make and that’s to care for my 94-year-old mum.

She’s only 10 miles away and for this I’ve been using a new Renault Zoe that was delivered a few days before the lockdown started.

This is the longest period that I’ve run an electric car and it’s proving to be a very interesting experience as I live in a terraced street with no off-street parking.

That means I cannot charge the car at home.

This leaves me with three options: our local mini Waitrose which has a Polar public charging point; my pal Jim’s wallbox charger; or public charging points while out on my travels.

Anyway, this is the third generation Zoe and its range has been extended to 245 miles thanks to a 52kWh battery.

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