BMW Announces the Range for iNEXT – 360 Miles

Once again BMW shares more details on its all-electric vehicle, iNEXT. The carmaker had earlier announced that the car would be a competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

The car has been teased several times and surprised the general public with the great range the company was trying to achieve. They said about 435 miles but now have officially come out to say it will have 360 miles.

This is quite a difference. The Tesla Model Y is offering 300 miles of range, so it is the real competition. It’s quite hard to understand what has been going on inside BMW, where the company seems to be having trouble with the electric market.

The electric iNEXT will come out only in 2021, considered by many to be a late date. It is in fact, especially because several companies are stepping up first to deal with EVs. Good luck to BMW.

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