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Tesla Model Y Begins its International Distribution

After its launch in the United States, the Tesla Model Y was expected to begin distribution outside of the country throughout the summer. But it seems that the production lines are progressing better than expected, which has allowed Elon Musk to start international sales this June.

As expected, the first market is the neighboring Canada, which will be the next stop for a Model Y that threatens to overcome the success achieved at the time by the Model 3 in a number of sales. The announcement came in March that sales of Model Y would begin six months earlier than initially planned. Not only that but also this would already bring benefits and the number of sales in the first quarter—something unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

Now just three months after starting sales on American soil, the Model Y has kicked off its international expansion. Undoubtedly a loud and clear sign that Tesla machinery is getting better and better greased.

One of the reasons for this positive dynamic is the new architecture that shapes the latest member of the Tesla family, where we find a structure made up of a monocoque developed from four main structures. According to Tesla, these four large pieces replace the seventy elements welded together that would be used in a typical production process.

All the improvements that the Tesla Model Y adds compared to the Model 3: mechanical opening of the rear doors, wireless charge, resulted in the time used to produce each unit to be substantially reduced. Between 1,000 and 1,500 welding points will be eliminated, from 5 to 7 seconds each, saving about two hours. According to the analyzes of the production process, if Tesla can manage the manufacturing process guaranteeing high quality, the production costs of Model Y will be much lower than in Model 3. To which must be added the savings in time that will allow a much faster arrival at the market — something that translates into speedier amortization of costs.

A project that Elon Musk himself has cataloged as the most important of the moment for the brand, since they hope that it will exceed sales of Model 3 itself. It will allow them to reach an annual production of 400,000 units between Model 3 and Model Y, and only counting on the creation of the California plant. To this, we will have to add the figures of the Model S and X, in addition to the contribution of the factory in China.

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