Dyson First Shows Its Canceled Electric Car in 2019

The multinational Dyson, specialized in the development and marketing of household appliances, started a project in 2017 to create its own electric car. The initiative, promoted by James Dyson (founder of the company), was finally abandoned a few months ago after the executive invested £ 500 million out of his own pocket.

Dyson’s goal was not only to make electric cars but also to become a producer of solid electrolyte batteries, considered by many to be the future of the industry. They have a higher energy density, superior thermal stability, allow charging at higher power, and are safer. At its peak, the project brought together some 600 workers.

Despite all the British company’s efforts, the vehicle’s arrival on the market was finally scrapped in October 2019 due to the impossibility of finding economic viability. Conceived under the code name “N526”, Dyson’s first electric car would have hit the market in 2021 in the form of a large SUV (about 5 meters long) called to rival models like the Tesla Model X.

James Dyson has shown the first image of the unborn car in an interview with the Sunday Times. The vehicle, more than an SUV, shows a crossover aesthetic, highlighting its clean design, ample wheelbase, and short hood. According to the Sunday Times, this model would be the first member of a complete range of electric cars developed by Dyson.

Among other details, the English newspaper has revealed that the vehicle would reach a range of nearly 1,000 km per charge, that it would have a powertrain consisting of two electric motors with a combined power of about 500 hp, and that it would house seven seats in its spacious cabin.

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