Elon Fremont Factory

Tesla Model Y is the Top Priority for Elon Musk

One email from Musk to his employees has leaked this week. It talks about the severe conditions on the assembly line due to the coronavirus pandemic and structural problems. Musk also expresses an empathetic view of its workers.

In this email, Musk clarified that the Model Y is a top priority for production and manufacturing engineering, especially for the “GA4” area, the structure used to expand the Fremont factory to increase production for Model 3. The Tesla’s CEO also emphasizes that the model Y needs to be, basically, perfect: be free of issues as much as possible since they don’t have time to rework on this model which could make all the difference for Tesla at this moment.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s email in its entirety below:

It is extremely important for us to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs. I want you to know that it really makes a difference to Tesla right now.

Model Y, especially GA, is the top priority for both production and manufacturing engineering. GA4 is also top priority for facilities improvements. For those working in GA4, thank you for bearing with tough conditions. Will get better fast. I will be walking the line personally every week.

We are doing reasonably well with S, X, and 3, but there are production and supply chain ramp challenges with Model Y, as is always the case for new products. 

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.



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