Vietnamese Brand VinFast Prepares Its First Electric Car

VinFast is a car manufacturer of Vietnamese origin. It currently has two models in its offer: the Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​AS2.0. A sedan and an SUV derived from the BMW 5 Series (F10) and X5 ( F15) of the previous generation. Conveniently renovated by the Italian design house Pininfarina.

However, VinFast is preparing an even more ambitious proposal: a newly developed electric SUV that will become the first model created from scratch by the Hanoi firm. Like many other recently created manufacturers, VinFast will use electric mobility to enter an automotive market that has been almost airtight, as the brands of Chinese and Indian origin are already doing.

The serial production of the new model will begin in July 2021. However, its world presentation will take place later this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show (in the case it finally takes place, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many motor events are having to be canceled or postponed).

The fact that VinFast is going to present its model on a stage of international relevance such as the Los Angeles Auto Show is a clear indicator of the brand’s ambition. They will try to find a place among the established manufacturers’ first own development model as a banner.

Initially, the SUV will have two electric motors (one per axle, which will give it all-wheel drive) with a combined maximum power of 408 hp. The battery will use cells of LG Chem origin, and although its capacity is unknown, it should be enough to give it a range of about 310 miles per charge.

VinFast is just one more example of the multiple startups dedicated to the manufacture of electric cars that have recently emerged around the world. Sono, Lucid or Uniti are some of the companies that are entering the automotive market taking advantage of the change of paradigm that supposes the transition to electric mobility.

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