Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya will Arrive a Little Later than Expected

At the end of 2019, the final prototype of the Nissan Ariya was presented. The first new-generation electric car from the Japanese manufacturer would represent a real qualitative leap forward, thanks to the use of the new Alliance platform. An electric SUV of which we now know some further details, including a later arrival than expected.

This has been indicated by the project’s design chief, Giovanny Arroba, who in an interview with the British magazine Autocar has revealed new details.

The Nissan executive stressed that the Ariya seeks to extend the brand’s philosophy of opening new markets. Just as the Qashqai and the Juke have done at the time with the launch of an electric SUV with an attractive, futuristic design designed for those looking for more than benefits.

One of the most striking design elements will be the removal of the emblem or the name of the vehicle on the rear. It will be replaced by the brand name that is integrated into a horizontal LED sheet that Arroba described as “very simple but very iconic.”

Inside the prototype, we have also been able to see design elements intended mainly to seek greater accessibility. But from Nissan, they indicate that there will be some changes that cannot be carried from the concept to the final model. However it will keep the idea of minimalism as the primary source of inspiration for a spacious interior that will benefit from the impact of the new platform in this regard compared to the LEAF.

Other elements that will not go beyond the conceptual version are the 21-inch wheels which have been used only as an image tool. Along with the rear-view mirrors per camera, which will be replaced by conventional ones in the final model.

But undoubtedly the main news is related to its arrival. It was presented in its prototype in October last year. It was expected that it would show itself in its final appearance with an entry in 2021, along with the new generation proposals from its Renault partners.

But according to Mr. Arroba, the Ariya will hit the European market in 2022. Something that will be at least a year apart from the initial plans and almost two years behind schedule with its closest rivals. These include the Volkswagen ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Tesla Model Y, among others.

It also remains to be seen where it will be manufactured. With Nissan’s rollout in Europe. The options are for Renault to take over its manufacturing at the Douai plant, or else it would have to come from Japan. Something that would reduce competitiveness compared to competition mainly with local production, including the Tesla Model Y, that, as we recall, will leave the German plant from 2021.

An Ariya that we know will use the new CMF-EV platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which will have about 500 km of autonomy. It will also have a refrigerated battery and the advanced electric all-wheel-drive system “e-4ORCE” that it will provide intelligent four-wheel drive.

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