Tesla Model Y

Tesla Reduces Model Y Wait Times. Production Line Improvements or Demand Issues?

Tesla had just updated the delivery schedules of the Model 3 and Model Y in the United States. The waiting time for deliveries of the car has gone from between 4 and 8 weeks to between 5 and 7 weeks, in the case of the Model Y. It has been between 8 and 12 weeks when production resumed at the Fremont factory after the decreed closure by the coronavirus to between 4 and 8 weeks.

This significant reduction has caught the attention of many, as Tesla has been accumulating Model Y orders for over a year. Also, the company estimated at the time that the demand for the vehicle would be very high, being able to exceed even the combined sales of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Some media have begun to speculate that this reduction in waiting times is because, during the Fremont Tesla factory’s closure, it was used to make a series of improvements to the Model Y production line. This would have allowed it to increase the production capacity of the factory remarkably.

However, others raise the possibility that Tesla has suffered a significant drop in demand for the Model, something after which would also be the recent drop in prices that the electric car maker has carried out. But what is the reason for the reduction in the demand for SUVs in your home market?

Many reservists have canceled their orders because they did not like the way Elon Musk has handled the reopening of the Fremont factory. The factory began operating prematurely without the approval of the authorities. Musk himself disrespected various public officials and threatened to take Tesla’s headquarters and even the factory out of California. Some workers have even denounced the insufficient security measures.

Some California buyers (one of Tesla’s most important markets) have not viewed these moves favorably, which would explain the cancellation of their orders. However, for the moment, all this is just speculation from the press, and the shorter waiting times can be explained in a more fluid production ramp than the one that Model 3 had at the time.

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