Kawasaki’s First Electric Motorcycle will Feature Manual Gearbox and Quick Charge

Kawasaki, at the beginning of the year, showed its first electric motorcycle, the EV Endeavor. At the moment, there are hardly any technical details of this model that aims to be located within a high-performance sector where names such as the Zero SR/S or the Energica EGO currently reign. A section where the power must exceed 100 kW and will be combined with the great experience of the Japanese, tuning the chassis for a sporty response.

Among the curiosities of the Kawasaki proposal is the use of a manual gear shift. Something that Brammo already tried at the time without much luck due to the greater complexity of adding one of these systems.

In return, it offers other benefits, since as we remember, the manual change in an electric motorcycle is different from that of gasoline. The driver can select a fixed gear, for example, third, and drive all the time. If you enter the highway and need a longer relationship, you put it in and thus reduce consumption in those types of sections. As we see, a system has pros and cons, but in Kawasaki, it has been noticed that the pros weigh more.

Another aspect that has been revealed is its charging system. The Kawasaki electric will have two outlets. One for slow loading and one for fast. In the Japanese version, it mounts a Type 1 system for alternating charging and a CHAdeMO socket for fast charging.

On its arrival on the market, there are no dates from the Japanese brand so far, but rumors indicate that the final model’s presentation was scheduled for this year and its launch on the market in 2021. This will allow them to take advantage of the new batteries that will arrive next year, and thus, manage to put on sale a more competitive electric motorcycle.

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