Renault Clio

The Next Renault Clio Could Be an Electric Car

Next year Renault will launch an electric B-SUV based on the new modular CMF-EV platform, an architecture developed from scratch for electric cars. This model will be a 100% electric alternative to the best-selling Captur and will be one step above the current ZOE in aspects such as autonomy or price.


Initially, the current ZOE will remain in production until 2024. Once it is discontinued, the French Flins plant will stop producing vehicles (although it will continue to be active in other tasks). Possibly with the launch of its new Renault electric B-SUV, it will lower the price of the ZOE.

But what will happen next? Renault has confirmed that it will launch an electric compact that will coexist with the future Megane V. This compact will be based on the CMF-EV platform (it is probably a brother of the third-generation Nissan LEAF) and will replace the Megane once its fifth-generation ends its commercial life.

As for the ZOE, some rumors indicate that it will be replaced in 2024 by the sixth-generation Clio. However, this opens up many unknowns. Is the CMF-B multi-energy platform, or does Renault plan for the Clio VI to be based on the CMF-EV platform and be exclusively electric from the start? Does this mean that the thermal Clio V will coexist for a time with the electric Clio VI utilizing a restyling to keep up to date?

It is still early to conclude, but at the moment, there is one thing clear: Renault is not willing to abandon the Clio name during the transition to electric mobility.

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