Meet the Aiways U6ion, A Crossover to Battle Tesla and Ford

Aiways have debuted two vehicles in the last couple of years, the RG Nathalie, a supercar, and the U5, a midsize crossover. Neither of these two are available to purchase just yet, and the Shanghai-based automaker already has another car coming out of its pipes. The U6ion, a full fledge crossover coupe.

The car is set to be unveiled next month at the 2020 Geneva Autoshow. The vehicle is known to be on the same platform that the U5 uses but in a sleeker design. Ken Okuyama is the chief designer advisor for the Chinese company. Ken is a former Pinifarina designer and one of the creators of the Ferrari Enzo.

The design is signed by Dogfei Luo, according to him: “The U6ion sketches present a crossover coupe with harmonious and exciting body shape, aimed at attracting young car users looking for a zero-emission SUV that offers style, practicality and electric performance.”

Technical specs are still under wraps. Since the U6ion shares the same platform of it’s older brother, we can assume it will have 185 horsepower and a total range of 285 miles.

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