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Tesla Model 3 and the Jaguar i-Pace Become the Best-Selling Cars in the UK

Like the rest of the market, the United Kingdom has seen car sales figures sink due to the coronavirus crisis and the confinement to which the population has been subjected. But in this terrible situation, there is news that’s at least curious. According to official figures, the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling car in that market in April.

In total, barely 4,321 cars had been registered in the British market last month. Something that supposes a fall of 97% concerning the same period of the past year. A figure even higher than that of other markets such as Spain, where they have dropped by 86.3%.

This has allowed that with its 658 units delivered, the Tesla Model 3 has been the best-selling tourism in the United Kingdom in April. Figures that assume that one in six cars delivered in the country has been a Model 3.

No less curious is that in the second position we find another electric car, the Jaguar i-Pace, which closed April with 367 registrations.

The reasons for this data can be found in factors such as Tesla’s home delivery system which allows us to overcome with fewer difficulties in a situation as complex as the one we are experiencing in practically all of Europe. Also, when hen it comes to the aspect of custom-made cars, they usually take between one and two months to reach their owners so that when they receive the car at home, they do not stop the process.

Something that we understand will also extend to a Jaguar is we do not know if it also has some home delivery system, which has undoubtedly become a fundamental tool during the epidemic.

But undoubtedly the most crucial part is the advertising since both the Model 3 and the i-Pace will be the absolute protagonists for a few weeks in this market. This thanks to this important news that has placed them at the top of the lists of sales in a market that has seen the best-selling car in March be the Volkswagen Golf, with 7,103 units.

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