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Volkswagen Changes the Business Model for the Arrival of the ID.3

Until now, when a person wanted to buy a Volkswagen or practically any model from other brands, they had to contact a dealer and discuss everything with them. From the purchase of the car to the financing or the value of the model to be delivered. Also, dealers had to bear the cost of demo and exhibition cars. But with ID.3, everything will change profoundly thanks to a new commercial format that has been approved by the entire network.

And it is not for less. This represents a 180-degree change in the way cars are sold within traditional brands. Tied to an extensive commercial network of third-party companies with which they have a challenging commitment to extinguish. That is why they have sought an intermediate format for the new generations.

Volkswagen has confirmed the start-up coinciding with the arrival of the ID.3 of a new model in which the customer will buy the vehicle directly from Volkswagen, either online or in person. This means that configuration and negotiation are out of the hands of the dealership and pass directly to Volkswagen.

The client will buy the vehicle and select the establishment he wants to carry out the rest of the procedures, such as doing a dynamic test, solving any doubts he may have, or picking up the car.

If you need financing or delivery of a vehicle as part of the payment, you will have to speak to Volkswagen, which will be in charge of these procedures.

With this new format, the concession is freed from having to pay the costs of having electric cars in its exhibition. These will be delivered by the brand at no cost, alleviating the enormous financial weight of having that money stopped for a specified period. All without losing their commissions and bonuses for each sale made as they currently do.

According to Dirk Weddigen von Knapp, president of Volkswagen and Audi dealers: “The agency model provides significant financial relief for dealers, and that is particularly important at a time like today. Sellers can focus on what makes retail so indispensable: competent, personal customer service.”

TNA’s Opinion

We are talking about a significant change by the world’s leading manufacturer, which places electric cars on a much more exciting spectrum for dealerships. One of the essential points of the entire commercial chain in the sale of an electric vehicle, and they usually have poor attendance due to factors such as ignorance and the longer time that an electric car may need to be sold.

This new format will undoubtedly favor the better placement of the ID family products and better treatment by the concessions that will result in better sales.

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