Tesla’s Smart Summon Was Used Over a Million Times

One of the most famous features of the new software update by Tesla, Smart Summon, hit a high usage number in a month of use.

Smart Summon has been talked about since Tesla updated its software to the newest version, the v10. This futuristic feature has been very successful among customers. Still, not all of them agree on the quality of the service.

Independent of whether the new technology is good or not, people have been testing it a lot. On the latest share of quarterly earnings, Elon Musk’s company revealed that it has been used over a million times. 

It was also shared that Tesla is willing to learn from the issues reported by customers that had problems with Smart Summon.

Update October 23rd, 7:29PM ET: In a call with investors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company would be releasing an improved version of Smart Summon in the coming weeks. Tesla’s “massive fleet” of vehicles “allows us to check these corner cases and learn from them and use them to learn and become rapidly better.”

What are your thoughts on the feature developed by the carmaker? Have you had the opportunity to use it since it launched in September? Let us know.


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