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Weltmeister Maven: An Electric Sedan with 500 Miles of Autonomy

Weltmeister Maven

Little by little, the Chinese start-ups that have managed to overcome their financing phase and are looking for their place in the electric car sector, are making their way in the market. This is the case of WM Motor. A manufacturer that has presented the first images of what will be its new model: a spectacular electric sedan that will hit the market in 2021.

This proposal will also have a beautiful design and a very European one, with an endowment in terms of the electrical and technological system that draws an extremely competitive product on paper.

The Maven is a sedan with capacity for five passengers that will mount a huge battery capable of offering autonomy. According to the manufacturer it will reach 500 miles with each load. Of course, they do not indicate under which cycle it would have been achieved. Still, if we assume that it has been under the NEDC cycle, this will give us a WLTP figure of about 400 miles that we can buy with the 380 miles that the Tesla Model S Long Range achieves, under the same approval.

Something that would mean installing a battery of at least 100 kWh and that would place it right now as the most autonomous electric car in the Chinese market, where the Xpeng P7 reigns with its 706 km NEDC.

In addition to an attractive design and a more than an impressive electrical system, the Weltmeister Maven will come equipped with elements such as an autonomous driving system capable of reaching Level 4, and also 5G connectivity. This will allow you to manage the enormous amount of data that the system will need.

Of course, there are still many details to discover, such as its price, but also the final design that on the outside may not change too much. Although we will see some modifications in a conceptual interior.

Another example of the enormous leap forward that Chinese manufacturers are experiencing, is developing a powerful electric car industry that, as we see, has increasingly exciting and competitive representatives.

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