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Porsche Taycan Turbo S Vs. Tesla Model S Performance: Fastest Sedans In The World Battle It Out

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Full-size sedans don’t get any quicker than these two.

The Porsche Taycan, and specifically the Taycan Turbo S, was the first car to prove a legitimate competitor to the Tesla Model S. Both are fully electric, full-size luxury sedans with hypercar-like acceleration. Recently, we heard about an over-the-air update for the Model S aimed at providing even more effective launches. The “cheetah stance” mode adjusts the damping and lowers the front suspension for even more explosive getaways – the update aims to reduce front-axle lift when setting off.

DragTimes decided to put the new launch mode to the test by racing the Model S with a Taycan Turbo S, and also to settle the debate about which electric sedan is actually faster. For the record, Porsche claims a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds for the Taycan Turbo S, while Tesla now claims a ridiculous 2.3 seconds for the Model S Performance.

In the video (the action only gets underway at the 12:30 mark), a series of four acceleration runs are performed. Of importance to note is that these runs weren’t performed on a race track and no official 0-60 times were announced, but we saw enough to know this: these two cars are incredibly closely matched. Up to 60 mph, the difference only really comes down to which driver reacted first.

Only at higher speeds does it become evident that the Taycan Turbo S has more top-end grunt, as it starts to pull away from the Model S Performance. The two trade blows endlessly, though, and in the last rolling race from 20 mph, it was the Model S that managed to pull out in front.

It’s clear that both of these EVs represent the absolute apex of what’s possible (right now, anyway) in a four-door sedan, at least in terms of performance. Both are outrageously quick, a point that is driven home to amusing effect at around the 13:35 mark, when both the Taycan and the Model S leave a Lamborghini Urus behind with ease, the massively powerful SUV quickly disappearing into a small, yellow blob in the distance.

To seat more than two people and go any faster than this pair of EVs, you’d have to get something as extreme as the upcoming Koenigsegg Gemera, but only 300 of those will be made – and at a price ten times that of the Model S Performance.

Ultimately – following Tesla’s latest launch mode update – the Porsche vs Tesla battle will need to be decided once and for all on a track, with the same driver and under ideal conditions. On the road, it’s a dead heat between these two titans.

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