Testing Tesla Model 3 Dyno Mode on the Highway is a Bad Idea and Should Never be Used on Public Roads.

Tesla Dyno mode deactivates the safety functions that work to prevent such spinouts, such as traction control, stability control, and automatic emergency braking. It is intended to be used when people are testing Model 3 in a testbed, hence the name ‘Testbed mode.’ Testing Tesla Model 3 Dyno Mode on the highway is a bad idea, and it should never be used on public roads.

Tesla has not officially published information on how to access the mode, but some owners have posted instructions on how to activate it and it should not be shared. Still, the driver must enter the “dyno test” password, which makes the intentions of the function even clearer. If that is not enough, it is crucial to keep in mind that when you try to activate the function, you receive a warning that tells you not to drive the car on public roads with Dyno mode activated.

A few days ago, this mode was nonexistent for the general users. However, hackers who are in charge of finding a way to deactivate the functions have seen it, which allows them not only to test the car in a test bench but also to participate in risky driving behaviors.


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