Pininfarina is Expected to Create a Full Line of EV

The brand introduces a concept car through Automobili Pininfarina, its brand of luxury electric vehicles, called PURA Vision. It will be more than just a design. It will be an entire line of cars made on the same platform.

A collaboration to create the new platform, made with Bosch and Benteler, uses the skateboard format, useful for this type of vehicle. The setup helps in vehicle aerodynamics with the batteries at the bottom and center, lowering the center of gravity and reducing rotational inertia.

Pininfarina’s design has been used for electric cars before, as with the Coda electric car and also the Battista, the 1900-horsepower electric hypercar, at the Geneva Auto Show.

The new PURA Vision concept is expected by the second half of 2020 in North America to match Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary year.

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