In the Middle of a World Crisis Due to Coronavirus, Volvo Keeps Up with EV Budget

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson states that the company is cutting expenses, but not on EV related topics, as well as self-driving tech.

Samuelsson told Automotive News Europe: “There are thousands of projects within our R&D, and we have to question whether we need to do them all.

Electrification, autonomous driving, and our future technology development are an absolute priority. Any changes there would jeopardize our strategy so that they will be really safeguarded.”

The carmaker intends to launch an EV every year for the next five years, building a solid reputation and moving the entire portfolio of vehicles to electrification. Volvo is committed to reducing the carbon footprint to contribute to healthier air in a healthier world. In the US, the company signaled its commitment to zero-emission vehicles this month, announcing that it is siding with California emission rules, opposing to the presidential administration. 

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