Elon Musk Announces That Tesla’s Cars Will Soon be Able to Speak

Elon Musk has announced that soon the company’s cars will add a new function that will surely be warmly received by its customers: the vehicles built by the company will be able to speak.

A while ago, the executive director of Tesla announced that the vocal commands of the automaker cars were going to be improved and that there would even be a time when they would be able to respond. This feature would be possible thanks to the progress that Tesla has been making in the field of artificial intelligence for two years.

Musk has announced on Twitter that the arrival of this function is close: “[The] Tesla will talk to people if you want. This is real”. This announcement has been accompanied by a short video in which we can see a Tesla Model 3 speaking.

This is possible because last year Tesla modified the bottom of the front of the Model 3 to add an external speaker. This was initially designed so that the vehicle emitted an artificial sound when the speed is under than 30 km/h.

The new speaker also serves to improve the alarm system Sentinel Mode because at the time Musk promised a “Keep Summer safe” mode (a reference to the Rick and Morty series, hinting that when someone tried to access or damage our vehicle, it would start talking to the thief to deter him).


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